• Titanium sponge
  • titanium spongeTitanium Sponge is the product resulting from the application of the Kroll process on raw titanium ore. Depending on the application of this process, differing purities of titanium sponge can be obtained. The resulting impurities in the sponge usually include iron, chloride, magnesium, silicon, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Titanium sponge is created by applying what is known as the "Kroll process" to Rutile mineral, where the mineral is treated with a chloride compound.
  • Titanium sponge production
  • Titanium sponge is the product in its purest form and is used as the base of for titanium alloys, billets, ingots etc.
  • Titanium products
  • - Resistance to corrosion
  • - Fire and shock resistant
  • - Light weight
  • - Low cost of maintenance
  • - Biocompatible
  • - Recyclable
  • There are nearly as few quoted titanium sponge producers as there are quoted ilmenite and rutile producers. And production of sponge is currently concentrated in just six countries, with China being both the largest producer and the one with the largest production capacity.
  • Titanium sponge production
  •  Titanium sponge production
  • Titanium sponge producers
  • In terms of the titanium sponge market, the United States, Europe and South Korea are the main export destinations for Chinese-produced titanium sponge. In recent years, titanium sponge output has gradually declined in the United States, where titanium product manufacturers including TIMET are experiencing short supply of the material. As for the European market, it relies entirely on imported titanium sponge. Currently, VSMPO-AVISMA and ATI are the main producers of aerospace titanium sponge in the European and American markets. Chinese titanium sponge enterprises mainly focus on the production of industrial titanium sponge.
  • Zunyi Titanium Co., Ltd., the leading titanium sponge manufacturer, is still in its production recovery stage, after suffering a drastic decline in 2009 and IPO failure. Its production, sales and prices for titanium sponge improved markedly in H1 2011. Huashen Titanium realized titanium sponge capacity of 10,000 tonnes/year, after receiving investment from Baoji Titanium in 2010. Meanwhile, its titanium sponge products for aerospace and military use saw a proportional rise, which further enhanced the connection with titanium mill products coming from the production lines of Baoji Titanium.